A/E Volleyball Association 
COVID Safety Plan for Outdoor Volleyball League – effective 22 May 2021 revs. on 22 May in red.   Addendum added 8-03-2021

The purpose of this plan is to get back to Outdoor League Volleyball in the safest manner possible. 

1. No player shall show up to participate if they have been diagnosed with Covid-19 within the last 14 days or have 
had contact with someone that has been diagnosed or suspected to have Covid-19 in the last 14 days. 

2. No player shall attend or participate if they have a fever or flu-like symptoms or any symptoms of Covid-19 
designated by the CDC. 

3. Limit exposure to those outside your household unit during travel. Only those in the same household shall travel 
together unless all persons traveling in the vehicle are vaccinated per item 6 below. 

4. Each player is required to thoroughly wash their hands with soap for a minimum of 20 seconds before coming to 
the match and to bring his/her own container of hand sanitizer. (Purell or similar product with a minimum of 6% 

5. All players are required to wear a face covering that does not have a port while on the court playing in a match. 
(A/E Volleyball will not furnish masks). Vaccinated players that have provided proof of vaccination per item 6 
below and are wearing the A/E Volleyball issued proof of vaccination at the match have the option to wear or not 
wear a mask. 

6. To be treated as a Vaccinated Player for this organization, the player must have had the final dose of one of the 3 
USA approved Covid-19 vaccines a minimum of 2 weeks before their first A/E Volleyball match and must wear an 
A/E Volleyball issued proof of vaccination while playing if they have chosen to play mask-less. To receive the 
issued proof of vaccination they must show their vaccination card and picture ID to their designated A/E Volleyball 
Captain. They also may be required to show the vaccination card and picture ID to the captain of the opposing 
before each week’s match (Picture on cell phone of Vac. Card and picture ID is OK)

7. Face coverings and social distancing (6 feet minimum) are required while in the park and not actually playing in 
games (except for vaccinated players wearing an A/E Volleyball issued proof of vaccination). This includes 
Alternates/substitutes, spectators and children of participants who are age 2 and up. 

8. Masks shall meet details in: State of Washington Department of Health Face Coverings Order

9. Teams shall be co-ed teams of 6 players max. on the court at one time as outlined in the Rules. Players shall 
attempt to maintain social distancing (6 feet minimum) when possible, when the ball is not in play (except for 
vaccinated players wearing an A/E Volleyball issued proof of vaccination). 

10. There shall be no congratulatory touching (handshakes, high fives, etc.). 

11. When switching sides during a game, players shall maintain a distance of 6 feet between teams and teammates. 

12. When discussing rules or other differences, captains (or a designated singular person per team) shall be the only 
ones involved and shall maintain social distancing. 

13. When someone rotates to the server position (and when the initial server starts the game), they shall first use 
hand sanitizer before contacting the ball. 

14. Teams on net duty shall make sure that their net gear has been cleaned/sanitized at start of match each week

15. Balls used in the games shall be cleaned/sanitized before initially putting it in play (This only needs to be done 
once at the beginning of each match each week). 

16. During the warm-up, the two teams shall not share the same ball unless it has been cleaned/sanitized before the 
transfer to the other team. 

17. The maximum persons per team (participants, spectators, and children affiliated with the team at one site is 12. 
The overall maximum for A/E Volleyball at one park is 200. 

18. Nothing in these rules is intended to be contrary to the WA Department of Health regulations or the CDC 
Guidelines. Whichever item is the most stringent shall be mandatory in the A/E Volleyball League. The latest 
posted version on the website shall govern. 

19. These procedures are MANDATORY for all players, subs, and spectators affiliated with the team at events 
organized by the A/E Volleyball Association. Violating any of these procedures are grounds for forfeiture of the 
match that is underway. 

20. A team that has been documented to be fully vaccinated has the option to not play a team that is not fully 
vaccinated. To exercise this option a team must give the other team and the league a minimum of 7 days’ notice 
by email. Neither team will be penalized in the standings if the game is not played due the exercise of the option 
to not play per this item.


WARNING: The conditions of the Covid-19 Pandemic have significantly changed since our Covid Procedures above were formulated in May.
We all are frustrated with the situation and wish the Pandemic was over. However we must not let up our guard.

The virus has not given up the fight. Instead it is constantly mutating. Some facts about the Delta variant:
It is more contagious than the Alpha variant and it is now the dominant version of Covid-19.
Even Vaccinated people can catch the Delta variant and pass it to others - without having any symptoms.
Vaccination is the most effective defense against bad outcomes (hospitalization and death).
Everyone under 12 and many older people with medical conditions have no option to get a vaccine.
Some insurance companies are now not covering all the Covid-19 treatment costs and are now counting it against the policy yearly maximums (which could now result in financial ruin if you have to go to the hospital for Covid treatment). 
The number of patients being treated for Covid-19 in hospitals in Washington State has recently doubled and nearly all cases are due to the Delta variant.
ICUs and Emergency Rooms in Washington State hospitals are filling up.  

Because of these new conditions we recommend everyone wear a mask even if you are vaccinated.

Reminder: Follow the posted A/E Covid Safety Plan posted above (dated 22 May 2021) are all MANDATORY:  

New Recommendations based upon new circumstances surrounding the Delta variant:
Do not play volleyball if you are not vaccinated.
Do not play if you have children under 12 or others at home who are not vaccinated. 
Everyone should wear a mask now when playing (those who have been vaccinated should continue to wear your 'I'm Vaxxed' wristbands and buttons - we are not going to get herd immunity without showing more support for vaccinations).

Although these new items are recommendations and are not mandatory, they are made out of a serious concern for everyone's health and to maximize safety. We understand that the A/E Volleyball matches are currently all outdoors where it is safer than indoor activities due to better air circulation. However, during the course of playing outdoor volleyball you are mere inches away from other players for the good part of two hours. Wearing a mask while playing volleyball is a pain but does not compare to going to the hospital for Covid treatment or watching someone in your family having to go to the hospital.  

Each person will need to decide for themselves the level of risk they are willing to take for themselves and their family in regards to these new recommendations. However, all the items within the A/E Volleyball Covid Safety Plan posted before the season started remain mandatory and not voluntary items for those who participate in A/E Volleyball -- each player agreed to this when you filled out the League Waiver/Registration Form at the start of the season.  

Keep A/E Volleyball alive -- Be Safe!