2023 A/E Waiver / Registration Form
After inputting required info and hitting the submit button, you will receive the following message in the next screen:  
"Thank You. Your information has been submitted."
If you do not see the "Thank You ...." Message - in the next screen, you are not recorded and registered. 
The names and team names of all the registered players are listed via links on the website alphabetically 
both by player name and separately by primary team name.  This is done manually and posted about once a week.  
An automatic email confirmation is not sent.         
This waiver form must be submitted before participating in any A/E Volleyball event.  Teams are subject to forfeiture of matches where they have any players including subs that have not completed this waiver/registration form on line prior to participation. 
This page is obsolete. Please click here to return to our home page and click the link to the waiver form there.