2024 A/E Waiver / Registration Form
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All participants in our leagues must individually register on line with the form below.   
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By my initials below, (1) I acknowledge that I am joining A/E VOLLEYBALL ASSOCIATION (refered to elsewhere in this document as A/E).  I understand that A/E is a non-profit corporation formed in Washington state to provide social and athletic events for its members and understand that membership in A/E is required of all to participate in any A/E events, for which this application is being submitted and for which the provisions of this Acknowledgement, Waiver and Release are incorporated therein, and agree to accept and abide by such terms and conditions, as they may be amended from time to time by A/E, 
(2) I acknowledge and understand that my involvement and participation in the A/E events to which I am also registering, as well as any other A/E event, is completely voluntary and not required for my membership in A/E.
(3) I hereby release and forever discharge and waive any and all claims that I, my heirs, assigns and successors, have or may have against A/E arising out of or in connection with my membership in A/E and/or my participation in any A/E event, including, without limitation, any bodily injury, communicable disease, death, property damage or loss of personal items, 
(4) I agree to indemnify and hold harmless A/E from any damage, claims, costs, losses, liabilities or expenses (including, without limitation, attorneys fees and expert witness expenses) arising out of or resulting from my breach of any of the terms and conditions of my membership in A/E, including, without limitation, any breach of this Acknowledgement, Waiver and Release.
(5) I agree that this Waiver and Release extends to A/E officers, directors, affiliates, volunteers, employees, representatives, contractors, successors and assigns, and to the organizations that provide the facilities where the A/E events occur including but not limited to the Seattle Public School District and the City of Seattle Park Department. 

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After inputting required info and hitting the submit button, you will receive the following message in the next screen:  
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If you do not see the "Thank You ...." Message - in the next screen, you are not recorded and registered. 
The names and team names of all the registered players are listed via links on the website alphabetically 
both by player name and separately by primary team name.  This is done manually and posted about once a week.  
An automatic email confirmation is not sent.         
Which A/E Leagues do you play in?
Note for insurance purposes everyone including subs must fill out waiver form.
This waiver form must be submitted before participating in any A/E Volleyball event.  Teams are subject to forfeiture of matches where they have any players including subs that have not completed this waiver/registration form on line prior to participation. 
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If under 18, Parent must approve participation
If under 18 years old, Parent must  type in initials for this registration to be accepted indicating that you have read and accepted the conditions and provide full name below.
If under 18, provide the full name of Parent
Emails are sent by blind copy and 
you can elect to be removed at any time.
I certify that I have read and agree to abide by the A/E Volleyball Code of Conduct.*
I certify that I have read the Concussion Information Sheet.*
I certify that I have read the Sudden Cardiac Arrrest Information Sheet.*
*You must click all 4 certifications to submit the form.
I certify that I will not participate in volleyball activities if I have been diagnosed or tested positive for COVID, RSV, flu or other communicable diseases until current medical advice considers my participation safe.
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