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This page was last updated on: December 2, 2022
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  Use this form for signing up as an individual to play in the Open Gym League 
Sundays at Ingraham HS from 4:30 to 6:30 PM 
Under this open gym format you will play 5 games each night but your team mates will rotate on 4 of the 5  games. When the team you are on wins a game, you as an individual will earn a point in the standings.  Standings are based upon average score to balance out the differences in attendance.  Prizes awarded at end of season require a minimum attendance of 4 sessions to qualify.

This open gym is much different than the typical open gym.  It is unique not only because of the individual point structure and prizes but because players are rotated in a fair organized method.  It is a structured league format run for individuals.  All the players are mixed for the first 2 games and then separated based upon skill level across four to six  courts depending on the attendance that night.  With 4 courts, there is an  A , BB, B and B-/C level separation.

This Open Gym League is great for those:

Fall series runs Oct. 16 to Dec. 11, 2022
 with no Session on Nov. 27th, 2022 - Thanksgiving weekend
Winter series runs Jan. 8 to Mar. 12, 2023
with no sessions on Feb. 12 (Super Bowl) or Feb. 19 (Pres. Day weekend)
Spring series runs Mar. 19 to May 14, 2023 
with no sessions Apr. 9 (Easter) or May 28th (Memorial Day weekend) 

As of 11/7/22 - 4 for $58 (full timer for all remaining sessions for Fall 2022),
  3 for $46, (part timer - subject to availability)
  2 for $34, (part timer - subject to availability)
  1 session for $22.

The cost is $100 for the 8 session Fall season.  The prorated cost for later starts in any season is $12 per remaining number of sessions PLUS a one-time registration fee of $10.  Or you can choose $22 per single session.  These latter pricing options are subject to space limitations.   Money Back Guarantee:  Try it your first night -- if not satisfied and withdraw from the program on the first night, we will fully refund whatever you have paid.

The form on this page is for unattached individuals seeking to register for the 4:30 to 6:30 PM open gym only.   All players must also fill out a waiver form once during the calendar year.  See link below form. 
email me
Exciting Concept for Open Gym - A League for Individuals.  Join Anytime.  
Fall Season from Oct 16 - Dec 11  
(No volleyball Nov. 27 - Thanksgiving weekend) 
Dates and times subject to approval by Seattle School District
All players must also fill out the online waiver form using the link below.  On this form, please select "Open Gym" for your team from the drop-down menu.  If you are also playing on one of our regular league teams, please select "Open Gym" for your 2nd or 3rd team on the form. If you completed the waiver form for a team already (since 1 January 2022), just email us at [email protected] to let us know and we will add Open Gym to your waiver.  
This must be done before you first play but only once per calendar year.  

Player Waiver Registration Form 2022
Payment and Refund Policy:
Your check will not be cashed until we confirm we have the minimum number for an open gym.  After that point all individual refunds are subject to a $10 handling fee except on your first night of participation there is a money back guarantee and all funds paid are refundable if you are not satisfied and withdraw. 

   On Line Registration Form Begins Here
Complete registration and click "Submit" (only once).
$100 Standard Price for 8 session full season if paying by Zelle (includes $9.30 sales tax) $105 if paying by check.
$55 for any 
4 sessions if paying by Zelle (includes $5.11 sales tax) 
$60 if paying by check.
​Subject to space limitations
$22  for any 
single session

Enter phone numbers with area code in this format (XXX) XXX-XXXX. Please provide at least one phone # for emergency contact.
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Which Level will you consider playing on?
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Mail or hand deliver checks to 2821 2nd Ave #1201, Seattle, WA 98121 (hand deliveries can be dropped off in an envelope with the name Scott Baumler on the outside anytime to the Lobby Attendant at the front desk at that address 24/7.  If hand delivering, please put in an envelope with the name Scott Baumler on the outside. You can also pay online via Zelle (download the App, follow the instructions and send money to [email protected]   Sorry -we do not accept credit card or debit cards.

                 For the Prorated cost of $12 per remaining session PLUS $10, please email for payment instructions .

             Please put Open Gym League on the memo line on your check or when using Zelle. 

                                                                            A/E Volleyball Association
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                                                                                       (206) 782-8030
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Prices below reflect payment using Zelle sending to [email protected] (add $5 if mailing or providing a check).  Make checks out to A/E Volleyball. Please note Open Gym on Zelle or check memo line
Hurry, spots are limited initially to 72 with preference given to those who select full time
Libero or Def. Spec.