Adult Co-Ed League Team Registration
Summer Outdoor 2020
This page was last updated on: June 21, 2020
This League will start when Covid-19 conditions will allow for government approval.  
Ends with an all day tournament tentatively on 
Saturday Aug 29th (Level 1 & 2 teams) or Sunday Aug 30th (Level 3 & 4 teams)  
Games for each group rotate 3 times per season between Green Lake, 
Sandel, and Cowen/Lower Ravenna Parks
The team fee for Summer 2020 is approximately $450  
($408.72 + $41.28 WST) 
based upon a 8 week season followed by season ending tournament (for all teams)  

(Registration remains open but collection of payments was suspended on 6/20/2020 
until further notice - notification of payment amount will be sent once approval is obtained.)

  Use General Info button to the left for more detailed information & rules.

List of teams signed up & paid so far is on our homepage. 
(Below Summer Registration link).

How do we know what level to sign up for?  Click Here for Help

We recommend that top 2 teams in each group from last year move up a group and the bottom two teams move down (click links above or below for guidance on what level is equivalent to the levels used last year.  
Teams that play competitively year round should sign up for Level 1 or 2


email me
Team Name (returning teams - 
select name from drop down list):
Please use INDIVIDUALS TEAM FORM if you are an Individual signing up for a team to be created of interested individuals which may be created in any of the groups that have an opening.

All players including subs must fill out on line waiver form.  This waiver form only has to be done once in a calendar year and will be good for all the 2020 sessions including both the Outdoor & Indoor 2020 seasons.

Player Waiver Registration Form 2020
Refund Policy:
In the event that we are unable to play due to continuing COVID-19 shut down, all payments will be refunded in full. 

All other refunds are subject to a $25 handling fee.
(except handling fee will be waived in 2020 if government approval results in less than 2 week notice). 

Due to Covid-19 conditions In summer 2020, once government approval is received to start, teams will be given notification via email of deadlines to decide before their refund becomes non-refundable.

or if paying by PayPal, include this info in "Instructions to Seller" or send us a follow-up email with that information.
The team fee for Summer 2020 is approximately $450.  
Priority to spot in an individual group will be in the order registered.  
Collection of Payments has been suspended as of 20 June 2020. 
Final cost is dependent on governmental approval for re-start of outdoor athletic competition.  Once government approval is obtained and the number of weeks is determined a cost will be formulated.  (At that time, teams who have already paid $450 will at their choice have the option to withdraw at a full refund or receive a prorated refund based upon the number of competitions in the final approved Summer 2020 season.) 

                 A/E Volleyball Association     
                 c/o Scott Baumler     
                                  2821 Second Ave #1201                            
      Seattle, WA  98121

Hand delivered payments to this address should be in an envelope addressed to Scott Baumler 
Hand to the person on duty in the lobby.                  
If you have a PayPal account, you can use it to directly transfer funds. 
No PayPal account? You do not need to open one to pay by credit or debit card. Just click on "Check Out" and then fill out form under "Don't Have a PayPal Account
Level 1: A/BB (T-I, W-I  and R-I) comparable to the A/E Indoor Sunday Indoor Upper League and formerly referred to as Formal A/BB or Informal Serious in the summer A/E outdoor league.

Level 2: BB/B (T-II, W-II and R-II) comparable to the top half of the Sunday A/E Indoor Middle League and formerly referred to as Formal B or B- or Informal Intermediate-Group A in the summer outdoor A/E League.

Level 3: B (T-III, W-III and R-III) comparable to the lower half of the Sunday A/E Indoor Middle League and formerly referred to as Informal Intermediate Group B in the summer A/E outdoor league.

Level 4: B-/C (T-IV, W-IV and R-IV) recommended for teams new to volleyball leagues or only play in the summer, or teams that are primarily an office team - formerly referred to as Informal Casual in the summer A/E outdoor league.


Team Captain First Name:
Team Captain Last Name:
Cell Phone:
Firm Name or Affiliation if any:
Team Name for new teams (or new name for returning teams above):
Work Phone:
Home Phone:
email address:
Re-enter email address:
Alternate Team  Contact Person  First Name:
Alternate Team Contact Person  Last Name:
Note that an Alternate Team Contact Person is required as a back-up 
in case we can not contact the Captain for some reason.
Include area code
If cell # is not avail.
Provide work & home #  
Alt. Contact Cell Phone:
Alt. Contact Work Phone:
Include area code
If cell # is not avail.
Provide work & home #  
Desired Day and Level of Play:
Does your team team have an outdoor net system?
(Poles, Net and Lines suitable for 8 foot high set-up. 
On half your games, your team will have net duties.
(If you do not have one you will have to borrow one. 

How do you rate your outdoor net system?
Alt. Contact Home Phone:
Alt. Contact email address:
Re-enter Alt. Contact email address:
Teams find it more convenient to own their own net, but the league has several nets that can be reserved and then checked out for one day.  (limited # can be checked out for season with a $150 deposit)
Can't Remember what group you were in last year? Click on link here to see results last year
 (But please only click it once).
See instructions below for payment.